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Manuals, books, schematics and articles about Ham Radio

Manuals, books, schematics and articles about Ham Radio
Here is some stuff that might be of interest to my fellow Hams.


All manuals, books, schematics, articles and projects displayed here belong to their respected creators and credit is given.  This is for educational purposes only, no copyright infringement is implied.



Icom    IC-2SAT schematic


            IC-745 Owner’s Manual, Service Manual

Kenwood R-600 Service Manual      

Radio Shack    HTX212 Owner’s Manual, Service Manual



None at this time.



Das Derelicht – 80m CW QRP transmitter written by AA1TJ.

Icom CI-V

Pixie II QRP Rig

Heising Modulation, by W8JI




A Single-Stage 1500W Amplifier for 160/80/40 Meters” by WA1GFZ, published in QEX Nov/Dec 2005 issue.

A Simple Regen Radio for Beginners” By N1TEV, published in QST September 2000. – Great basic project for homebrewers.

A 35W, Two-Band CW Transmitter” by W1ICP, published in QST April 1965 issue.

A 75- to 120-Watt CW Transmitter” Kenneth G. Gordon, W7EKB.

Build a Space-Efficient Dipole Antenna for 40, 80 and 160 Meters” by W8NX, published in QST July 1992 issue.

A Reduced-Size Half Sloper for 160 Meters” By WD8DSB         

160-Meter Dipole Height” By N0GW, a great article about 160M antennae written by Gary Wescom, published Nov. 2006.

The Novice Quarter Gallon” Kenneth G. Gordon, W7EKB.

The Gnat 1: A One-Transistor CW Transceiver for HF Frequencies” By N7ZWY, Chris Trask of Sonoran Radio Research in Tempe, AZ.