N7ZUF 6m and W7HFI 2m Repeaters
The 6m and 2m repeaters are located on top of Kamiak Butte which lies between Colfax and Pullman Washington.  Both repeaters are linked together and connected to other repeaters throughout the Northwest via the 220 MHz connection.  I own the 6m Repeater and I am co-owner of the 2m Repeater.  Here is some information and pictures of the repeaters and the surrounding area called the Palouse-
N7ZUF 6m Repeater
TX: 53.75 MHz
RX: 52.05 MHz
Split: -1.7MHz
Tone: 100Hz

W7HFI 2m Repeater
TX: 146.740 MHz
RX: 146.140 MHz