N7ZUF Radios And Antennas
My primary HF transceiver is an Icom-718 and my VHF transceiver is a Yaesu FT-8900R.  I do have an Ameritron AL-811 amplifier which has been modified for use on 10 meters.  I do have a homebrew 40 meter QRP transmitter.  My "To-Go Box" is a FT-857D that I use for ARES and contests like Field Day, Washington State QSO Party (Salmon Run), and the Idaho QSO Party.

My primary HF antenna is a 160 meter loop.  I use to have a 160-80-40 meter Fan Dipole but I took it down in favor of using the 160m Loop since I can tune it to the higher bands. 
My portable antenna is a simple 80m Dipole.  It is very simple, I can tune it for different bands and it has not failed me over years of use.

The next antenna project is to put up a 100' (roughly 30m) tower with a four element Yagi antenna.